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building d(emountable) nominated as best office 2020

Lucas van der wee | cepezed

Building D(emountable) on the cepezed site on the Ezelsveldlaan in Delft has been nominated as Best Office Building of 2020! Since its completion last year, the modern construction on the historic cepezed complex attracts a lot of international attention.

architectenweb awards
The Office Building of the Year 2020 prize is part of the Architectenweb Awards. The entries have a.o. been judged on social relevance and their translation into spatiality and appearance. The craftsmanship of the designers has also been considered; how is that reflected in the quality of the building and, for example, the detailing? Renewal was the third assessment criterion: to what extent has the building typology, for example, been elaborated in an innovative or surprising way?

widely profiled jury
The jury consists of professionals from different disciplines. Architect and city architect of Delft Tako Postma is chairman. Thomas Dieben (krft), Marieke Kums (Studio MAKS) and Gus Tielens (korth tielens architects) also represent architecture, while Bas van Dam (Being Development) comes from project development and Annuska Pronkhorst (Crimson Historians & Urbanists) brings in the historical perspective.

pleasant spaciousness
“The design by cepezed with a rationally optimized kit of parts leads to a pleasant spatiality,” says the jury. “The work floors are open and the dimensions are just right. The agency has also managed to integrate speed of construction, sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. For example, the ribs of the LVL elements are kept in sight and contribute to the building aesthetics, but also to acoustics. ” The jury highly appreciates that cepezed has developed, designed and realized the building entirely itself. "A new way of working and it provides good space."

A total of four projects have been nominated for the prize. On Thursday 29 October, we will know whether Building D(emountable) will win it. The results will be announced during the festive presentation of the Architectenweb Awards that day.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
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