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building d(emountable) in rebau webinar design for disassembly

lucas van der wee

cepezed-architect Doris Harding will give a lecture on Building D(emountable) during the webinar Reinventing the Future: Design for Disassembly on Thursday, March 4. The webinar is organized by the German knowledge platform ReBAU and is part of a series with the overarching theme Reinventing the Building Sector. Interested parties can watch it free of charge.

reinventing the future

The webinar, which is mainly in German, focuses on designing for future disassembly. As buildings designed for disassembly are easy to dismantle after use, the building components are also easy to reuse. This not only extends their own lifespan, but possibly even that of an entire building.

saving resources
ReBAU strives for a new way of thinking that goes beyond measures for primary energy saving during the period of use of a building. The platform aims to promote resource conservation and circularity throughout the building chain. Through courses and webinars for architects, urban planners, designers, authorities and students, it shares knowledge about climate-friendly and material-saving construction.

proven practice
With, among others, the circular pavilion The Green House and Building D(emountable), cepezed has already turned these future ideas about Design for Disassembly into proven practice. In a few months' time, the use of the Temporary Court Amsterdam in this function will come to an end. The building from 2016 will then be completely dismantled and given a completely different destination on another location.

Do you want to know how cepezed designs for dismantling? Then sign up for Design for Disassembly via the website of ReBAU.

Lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
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