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cepezed designs revamp of the eindhoven van maerlantlyceum

cepezed is designing the renovation of the Van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven. The school announced this today. The 100-year-old lyceum will be renewed to prepare for the education of the future. cepezed was chosen for its original and functional interpretation of the requirements. These are aimed at the union of the new building and the monumental old building, a building that contributes to the journey of discovery for all users and the theme "learning from and with each other".

to work
Emmeken van der Heijden, rector of the Van Maerlantlyceum, explains: “After 67 years in the current accommodation, the Van Maerlantlyceum is ready for a building that suits the education of today and the future. The design has everything students and teachers need for a journey of discovery, and more. We will immediately get to work, and develop this sketch design further, together with the architect and our construction council. We are expecting to open the renovated school building in the summer of 2023. ”

educational support
cepezed architect Martin van Toorn explains in the school's press release: “We are developing a building that is pleasant for all users to be in and that supports the education as best as possible. A school in which students, teachers and support staff feel safe and secure. Where they can work and learn in peace, and where there is dynamism at the same time. We are designing a school that stimulates students to discover and to constantly make new connections.”

hybrid and diverse
The starting points have been spatially translated into a school building with many different places for many different activities. It also offers a great diversity in the size of the various spaces and in the vistas and views from those different spaces. The original monumental building will be preserved and adapted to the requirements of our time. Of the current extension, only the façades will remain and everything behind it will be new. The new section will have the character of a glass pavilion with a view of the park and will also have a new, daylight-rich auditorium with a large grandstand staircase. This will be the heart of the new Van Maerlantlyceum.

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