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cepezed and abcnova roll out new building concept in woerden town hall

lucas van der wee | cepezed

municipality of woerden ready for 1.5 meter society
Companies and organizations are currently faced with the task of preparing for the approaching 1.5-meter society. The municipality of Woerden is already implementing measures to this end. This is to ensure that business operations will be able to run as smoothly as possible as soon as the corona measures are relaxed and the town hall reopens, also for the town’s residents. cepezed, abcnova and the corona team of the municipality work closely together on a safe and workable set-up.

In order to be able to work in the new reality, consideration has been given to the safety of walking lines, logistics, workplaces, meetings and desk functions. Individual measures such as screens, clear signing, the use of disinfection sprays and the hygienic use of all office supplies often seem simple and obvious, but all together they form a puzzle of which the pieces must fit well. Fortunately, the Woerden town hall is a fundamentally flexible building, making it corona proof without any structural changes. Adapted walking routes ensure that people meet or cross each other as little as possible. For example, the routes will become one-way and there will be a separate entrance and exit. This is possible because the building had two combined entrances and exits in the regular set-up. Another point of attention are the flex workplaces, which will be used differently than before.

In the coming weeks, cepezed, abcnova and the municipality of Woerden will implement the entire plan lean and mean. Adjustments are made in response to experiences in daily use, so that the safety for residents and employees always remains optimal. The approach to the 1.5-meter assignment is a good example of cooperation and quick action. cepezed, abcnova and the municipality of Woerden previously worked closely together to modernize the town hall into a sustainable and contemporary environment for employees and visitors. The parties have now fully utilized their combined knowledge to make the town hall as safe as possible in the current situation. This without affecting the quality and perception of the building, which received a lot of attention after completion last year because of the sustainable, budget-neutral renovation with a lot of spatial quality.

Lucas van der Wee | cepezed