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cepezed designs quantum research building QuTech

Commissioned by TU Delft, cepezed will design the new building for research institute QuTech, together with Pieters Bouwtechniek, Buro Happold, Peutz and Abcnova. QuTech researches the field of quantum computing and quantum internet. The new building will be located on the southern part of the TU Delft Campus.

global leader
Qutech is a global leader in quantum technology research, founded by TNO and TU Delft. QuTech is working on useful applications with quantum technology, such as the first scalable quantum computer and secure quantum internet.

inspiring environment
β€œTo achieve our ambitious goals, we bring scientists, engineers and industry together in an inspiring environment. Together we are building the quantum future because we believe quantum technology can be a gamechanger in many sectors, including health, argriculture, climate and security,” QuTech said. One of the aims of the new accommodation is to promote spontaneous interactions with people inside and outside the QuTech building.

floor plan new building
The new building will accommodate some 400 employees, 60 master students and dozens of meeting places. The entrance hall will be multifunctional, allowing a reception for about 200 people, for example. The building also contains 44 optical (laser) setups, 57 cryo-setups and has 5 supporting laboratories (Dipstick room, Suture room/Microscopy, Chemical lab, Annealing room, Sample room/Desiccator room).

tu delft campus zuid
QuTech, currently located in the former Technical Physics building, will move to TU Delft Campus Zuid in 2026-2027. The new location can provide the space to facilitate the potential growth of QuTech. There will also be space for startups and scale-ups in quantum research. QuTech will be located near the House of Quantum, for other quantum related research, which cepezed may design on behalf of QuantumDelta.

about qutech
Want to know what QuTech does? Watch the video below:

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