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cepezed in webinar versnellingshuis nederland circulair

Menno Rubbens, developer and director of cepezedprojects, is a guest speaker at the webinar "Circular design in building" on 19 January. Menno will speak about cepezed's vision of circular development, design and construction on the basis of three cepezed projects.

insight into circular design principles
Many know Het Versnellingshuis (Dutch for 'Accelerator House') as the organizer of the annual Week of the Circular Economy, which takes place this year from 1 to 6 February. Het Versnellingshuis also regularly organizes webinars in which content and practice come together. These online meetings provide insight into how, based on circular design principles, business operations and products can become circular and what that means for entrepreneurs in the built environment. The next webinar will take place on 19 January, this time with the theme "Circular design in building".

It starts with a brief introduction to the circular construction economy transition agenda. Subsequently, various circular construction / design principles are briefly discussed based on concrete examples, presented by six guest speakers: David Thelen, Erin Troost, Hans Scherpenzeel, Thomas Steigenga, Inger van Dooren and Menno Rubbens.
Menno will talk about the cepezed projects Temporary Court of Amsterdam, The Green House in Utrecht and building d(emountable) in Delft.

register for the webinar
The webinar will take place on Tuesday January 19 from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. Register for participation via the website of Het Versnellingshuis.

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