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cepezed lecture at book launch sustainable building

lucas van der wee | cepezed

Thursday June 6th, cepezed architect Jaap Bosch will give a presentation about The Green House during the inspiration event Duurzaam bouwen (Sustainable construction) ín The Green House. The event is organized by Boom pulishers Amsterdam and dedicated to the launch of the book ‘Duurzaam bouwen, Een praktische inleiding voor Built Environment’ (Sustainable construction, A practical introduction to the Built Environment). The work is primarily intended for higher professional education and other studies. Professor Jos Lichtenberg wrote the book to answer the question on how sustainability can get a balanced position within the curriculum. It deals with the (still young) history of sustainability within the context of the built environment.

Jos Lichtenberg will kick-off with a discussion about the bigger picture of sustainability. Answers to this issue are sought during the discussion together with John Mark from W/E Consultants. And as a prominent example project of circular and sustainable building, The Green House in Utrecht is the perfect venue. In line with the event, architect Jaap Bosch will give a presentation about the concept and the realization of the circular pavilion.

Signing up for the event is still possible through the Boom publishers Amsterdam website; there you can also find information about the program as well as the book.