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cepezed at smart building summit 2019

léon van woerkom | cepezed

cepezed partner and architect Ronald Schleurholts will be one of the speakers on the ‘smart design’ program section of the Smart Building Summit 2019 on Tuesday, June 18th. This event is fully dedicated to the contributions that smart building solutions can deliver to make the built environment completely energy neutral in 2050. The role of smart buildings in relation to energy, safety, creativity and health will be discussed as well. And also, which investments are ‘smart’ and have a beneficial return on investment.

The ‘smart design’ program section examines the role of developers, architects, builders and end users in the realization and exploitation of smart buildings. In which phases is it essential which considerations to make? For example, does the early insertion of smart solutions into the design have added value?

The Smart Building Summit 2019 is the second edition of the congress and will take place in the Cultuurgebouw in Hoofddorp. Other speakers include Siemens, Schiphol Airport, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency), Radboudumc and the Dutch Green Building Council. Beforehand it’s possible to participate in an exclusive visit to Microsoft office ‘The Outlook’ at Schiphol Airport, one of the first Dutch smart buildings and designed by cepezed. For more information about participation and the remaining program, see the Smart Building Summit 2019 website.

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