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cepezedprojects at property forum 2019 poland

lucas van der wee | cepezed

Coming Thursday September 12th, cepezedprojects director Menno Rubbens will participate in the 9th edition of the two-day Property Forum 2019 in Warsaw. The Forum is the biggest commercial property event in Poland, yearly hosting over a thousand guests including investors, developers, experts, representatives of bank and financial institutions, tenants and local government officials.

During the ‘investment’ theme session, Rubbens will answer the question when the principles of the circular economy will actually start being effective operating in the construction and real estate sector. He will also explain how sustainable development can be a natural part of the strategies of developers, construction companies and local authorities. Rubbens will first be interviewed one-on-one and consequently take part in a public debate.

cepezedprojects represents the development expertise within the cepezed brand and is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year. The company is a result of the need to break through the usual hit-and-run project development and among others things, it aims for a more flexible and adaptive building stock. Circular achievements include the Temporary Courthouse in Amsterdam, The Green House in Utrecht and Building D(emountable) on cepezed’s own site. Rubben’s participation in the Forum is his third contribution this year to an event on sustainable and circular construction in Poland, currently one of the fastest growing economies in Eastern Europe.

For more information, see the Property Forum 2019 website.