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Circular Temporary Courthouse Amsterdam in top 7 green trendsetters

Leon van Woerkom

So what are Amsterdam's 25 greenest buildings? Soon, this will be revealed by Arcam, the architecture centre of Amsterdam. That the Temporary Court Amsterdam by cepezed is one of the top 7 green trendsetters of the past 25 years has been already revealed though.

green architecture guide of amsterdam
Arcam, which also organises the Amsterdam Architecture Award, will present 'The Green Architecture Guide of Amsterdam' at the end of September. The guide contains the greenest buildings from 2000 to 2025 with green private initiatives, future icons and trendsetters.

top 7 green trendsetters
The Temporary Courthouse Amsterdam is among the top 7 green trendsetters. "Nature inclusive, climate adaptive or energy conscious building is not just a matter of technological innovation and conviction. These seven projects are not only green, but they also fulfil an important function as pioneers for a new way of thinking. They were far ahead of their time and are still used as benchmark projects for green facades, timber construction, demountable construction and/or special energy performance", according to the compilers of the green architecture guide.

about the temporary courthouse amsterdam
Where the main entrance of the Amsterdam Court was between 2016-2022, there is now a green, empty lot. The building has been completely dismantled and its parts are now in storage to be reassembled next year at Kennispark Twente in Enschede. There, it will serve as a multi-tenant office building, including an educational function. Thanks to its exceptionally remountable and flexible design, the building is highly circular and avoids the waste of materials. The building is flexible in time, place and function.

26 September, pakhuis de zwijger
The organisation of the guide has already revealed the top 7 trendsetters. The remaining buildings will be announced on Monday evening, 26 September, during the launch of the green architecture guide. This will take place during a live event. More about the programme and registration can be found on the site of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee | cepezed