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control room highlighted in professional magazine Bouwen met Staal

The professional magazine 'Bouwen met Staal' (building with steel) has published a three-part article on the Control Room in Apeldoorn. The first article discusses the design, the second the construction and the third describes the production and assembly of the prefabricated components.

intriguing construction
Last month, the Control Room in Apeldoorn was inaugurated with many bells and whistles. This month, there is an extensive article on the building in Bouwen met Staal. Not surprisingly, the building caught the editors' attention, given its striking Corten steel-clad facades and intriguing construction, which is clearly visible in the high entrance hall and also accommodates two large overhangs. Among other things, the article describes how, to keep the two stability cores in the high-rise section slender, forces are directed to the foundation with an additional 'strut'.

building knotbook
The editors were positively surprised by the so-called building knot booklet: 'For the contractor, the architect and structural engineer made a building knot book, which provided insight into the design and the level of ambition. This contained detailed drawings, sketches of connections, proposals for the assembly sequence, component sizes, and examples of steel knots in other buildings designed by the designer(s). The starting point for the building knot booklet is that the most complicated part of the knot is welded 'clean' and prefabricated parts are bolted on site. 'Take the connection out of the knot,' the architect says.

bicyle parking
Because 'Bouwen met Staal' is all about steel, the bicycle shed on the site is also featured in the article: 'The shed is an open structure of black-coated steel, where the PV panels have been directly used as a roof surface. The PV panels are precisely fit into small steel frames, which support long beams in a zigzag pattern. The related technology, such as the inverter, cabling and rainwater drainage is integrated into the supports and connections.'

Want to know more about the project? View the project page control room east-netherlands.

Lucas van der Wee
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Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee
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