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Daylight-rich laboratories in sustainable shell

The Biotech Campus Delft is growing. The campus will be enriched with a new research building for dsm-firmenich's business unit Taste, Texture & Health, designed by cepezed. Previously, cepezed designed the adjacent Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center. In the new building, the main focus is research into making food increasingly sustainable and healthy. For example, research is conducted into alternative vegetable proteins for fish, meat and cheese. The new research building has high sustainability ambitions and fits perfectly with the philosophy of dsm-firmenich.

open building
The transparent entrance and glass facades create an open and inviting atmosphere. The wide and green character of the central promenade on the campus continues in the interior of dsm-firmenich's Taste, Texture & Health. Upon entering is a large atrium that extends to the top floor, where lush plants green the interior. Several laboratories have been placed next to the atrium with glass walls, this allows the plant-guided route through the atrium upstairs to give a good view of the activities. Visitors and customers can thus get deep into the building without disturbing laboratory processes.

calm, healthy working environment
The exterior is covered with rows of vertical wall panels integrating PV panels, alternating with strips of glass. The roofs are also optimally used for solar panels. Inside, the building is finished with sustainable materials, including bamboo, for the most natural look possible. The natural finishes, many plants and optimum entry of daylight creates a pleasant place to stay and a peaceful, healthy working environment.

as sustainable as possible
For the new research building for dsm-firmenich's business unit Taste, Texture & Health, the aim is to realise an architecture that is as sustainable as possible with a major focus on a healthy working environment. To this end, the company is working towards achieving both BREEAM-Outstanding and WELL Platinum certification.

The new headquarters of dsm-firmenich's Taste, Texture & Health business unit will be inaugurated in 2025. The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund will become the owner of the building.

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