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demolition and renovation of amsterdam university building is a pilot project on reuse


cepezed has been engaged to revitalize the mathematics and physics faculty building at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The building, located on the Boelelaan, will be almost completely demolished with the two remaining wings to be adaptively reused, preserving them in an improved form. cepezed will manage the remodelling of these A and B wings by means of a 'harvest passport'; a survey that assesses and charts the reusable materials available from the demolition.

sliding puzzle
Currently the campus of the university at the Zuidas (VU Amsterdam) resembles a complex sliding puzzle. New buildings are being constructed, some old buildings are being demolished and yet other buildings are being given new functions, temporary or permanent. The enormous mathematics and physics faculty building which dates from 1964 is a puzzle in itself. The majority will be demolished in phases to make way for sports fields. The A and B wings however, 12,000 square metres of floor space all together, will be given a new function. They will house biochemical laboratories and other labs, ‘climate chambers’ and 'dry' teaching rooms, offices, workshops and rooms for study associations.

pilot harvest passport
In order to upgrade the A and B wings and make them function as an individual building, cepezed proposed to reuse material from the parts that are to be demolished. In doing so, the Delft architectural firm went a step further than just reusing the two wings, as stated in the tender. The project now functions as a pilot for the preparation of a 'harvest passport' of materials and elements that can be reused, both architectural elements and parts of installations, furniture and laboratory desks.

maximum reuse
A team of the VU and cepezed is currently setting up a materials database of the wings that are to be demolished. The joint focus of the VU Amsterdam and cepezed is on maximum reuse. The pilot project fits in perfectly with the university's strategy for 2020-2025, in which sustainability is a key issue. After completing the remodelling, at least three to four generations of VU students will have an inspiring and sustainable learning environment at their disposal for the next fifteen to twenty years.

also interesting
cepezed also works on the research building Vrije Universiteit.

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