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Just in time

Jurriaan Brobbel | gemeente den haag

Construction of the Eenheidsbureau on The Hague's Binckhorst is progressing steadily. There is limited space around the construction site of the Police, but with just-in-time delivery of prefabricated building elements, it all works out precisely. The construction cranes are positioned in the future stairwells. vast complex
The Hague is getting a vast new police complex. It is composed of five 'fingers', with a shaft, or 'canyon', at right angles to them. Completion is scheduled for 2025. Construction is progressing steadily and the contours of the building are already clearly visible. The construction consists of prefabricated elements. The façade follows the boundary of the plot, which curves around on one side. In the remaining space between the floor fields and the façade are triangular vides.
diverse functions
The functions within the building vary enormously - in fact, it is as if there will be five buildings next to and above each other. The Eenheidsbureau contains a cell complex and a workshop, as well as laboratories for forensic research, offices and parking spaces. Parking will be on the first, second and third floors, to leave room on the ground floor for ground-level functions.
construction traffic
Two of the three electric construction cranes are cleverly placed in the future stairwells. The third can be found at the future main entrance, where a long spiral staircase will be the eye-catcher of a high-ceilinged hall. The 'canyon' will soon contain spectacular ramps to and from the parking floors, but now comes in handy for construction traffic. Building a prefabricated structure requires less material on site, but construction requires meticulous planning.
Consequently, there are two sites nearby to store the steel girders, beams, stability bracing, et cetera. They are supplied in sophisticated, just-in-time deliveries. In fact, the narrow space around the building is nothing more than a manoeuvring lane and the construction shed is positioned across the street. An architect from cepezed will be present on site there every Thursday until 2025.

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