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cepezed will have an exclusive event for relations on Friday afternoon, November 1st. This because we have quite something to celebrate, share and commemorate. For example, the near-completion of Bouwdeel D(emountable), our new circular prototype on our own grounds. But our development expertise cepezedprojects also has its 10th anniversary, while construction coordinators cepezedbouwteam recently delivered their first major project (Lan Handling Technologies).

Through a number of short, visionary talks (history / now / future) and a visit to Building D(emountable), we will offer a glimpse behind the (circular) cepezed scenes. We will also launch a publication with the columns that our partner Ronald Schleurholts wrote for construction newspaper Cobouw over the past five years. Additionally, we will embark on a conversation with our guests and would like to hear their vision on our vision. We will then start the weekend together. We strive for everyone to go home full of inspiration!

The invitations were sent this week. In case you did not receive one but don’t want to miss this event, please send an e-mail to Perhaps there are still seats. Maybe we will see you November 1st!

→ Mail or call our business development team on +31 (0)15 2150000