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feel and talk about sustainability

Lucas van der wee

From October 9-13, it's Green Week at cepezed: 5 lectures and a materials exhibition keep us on our toes and brush up on our knowledge. The materials, exhibited in the hall of our office, range from bamboo and mycelium to circular plastic, and from wool and felt to a reusable steel facade profile. Sonja Draskovic requested the materials from suppliers and explains the idea.

samples and monsters
'The nice thing about this exhibition is that you get to feel everything. But the most important thing is that it is discussed. We already do that naturally at cepezed, and we also find out a lot ourselves. Because of the exhibition, there is an extra exchange of knowledge and experience. Unlike usual, the material we requested is not project-related.

The exhibition is a way to stay informed and challenge ourselves to design even more with circular or bio-based materials. Because the focus of samples and specimens is normally on the interior, we explicitly sought materials for the exterior, such as facade materials. The requirements for this in terms of fire resistance, weather resistance and also construction, make it just a bit more complicated to use this material. But it is out there, the exhibition proves.

'We notice at cepezed how important it is not only to request samples and samples, but also to ask questions about them. Like about the binder that has been used, or where exactly the claimed '100 percent' sustainability lies. For example, was green energy used in production? Conversely, suppliers are curious about our experiences when we have applied something. For the Coast Guard building in Den Helder, we chose bamboo facade panels because of the beautiful way it weathers. It was the first time for us, we tested the discoloration by putting a facade sample outside.'

take back material
'The sample of a Jansen VISS50 façade element fits directly with cepezed's design method with the detachable kit of parts. It was harvested from a facade of a building in Ghent and taken back by the supplier. You see more and more often that suppliers indicate that they take back material. Or that a dismantling company bets on reuse, as Lagemaat did in the expansion of the Hukseflux industrial building - the end wall there becomes superfluous, Lagemaat carefully removes it when the extension is finished.

'I don't really have a favorite, but I really like Kvadrat's interior materials. You can see that they involve designers in the development of their material. Kerloc, another supplier, makes façade material from plants. When I mentioned that cepezed prefers not to screw facade panels, she told me that a system for blind mounting is now being developed. So you see how important contact with suppliers is.'

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cepezed thanks MOSO bamboo, Ceramic Kerloc, Pretty Plastic Slate, Jansen ODS, Gutex, Isogemp, Isolena, Metisse Katoen, Pro Suber, VRKisolatie, Ecococon, Thermo Hanf, MOGU, Planq, HempWood, Marmoleum Modular, Baars & Bloemhoff, MOSO, Kvadrat, The good plastic company, Impact Acoustic, DeVorm en Ecococon.

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