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built environment a better place for people and nature

cepezed is a partner in Our Common Guide, a new multidisciplinary initiative by leaders in the construction branch. The aim is to make the built environment a better place for people and nature. The initiative was launched this week during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, which runs until Sunday. This weekend it can still be visited in building TAB on Strijp T.

new and learning building system
To achieve better construction for people and nature, Our Common Guide looks, among other things, at the current challenges in realizing our living environment. Inspired by Stewart Brand's 'Shearing Layers' model, the collective is developing a new and learning building system that is flexible and continuously adaptable. In doing so, it not only (re)uses sustainable materials, but also prevents waste. Disassembly and the possibility of reusing materials in other configurations are also important points of attention. Our Common Guide has a social impact as well: through co-creation, stakeholders from the environment in which the system will be applied can give input and feedback on what is needed to make places better.

circular projects with impact
“With a super-enthusiastic team of designers, developers and builders, we experiment, learn and set an example for future circular projects with impact,” says Paddy Sieuwerts, partner at cepezed.

about our common guide
Members of the initiative are: Alba Concepts, Alkondor Hengelo, Avance Impact, BreedID, cepezed, RE:BORN Real Estate, DGMR, Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V., Metabolic, ModuleMakers, OMRT, Superworld. The collective is still growing. For more information about Our Common Guide, visit the website of the Dutch Design Week.

Also watch this video in which the participants tell about Our Common guide.