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Smart Mobility Hub construction team awarded to Heijmans

The City of Amsterdam awards the construction team of the Smart Mobility Hub (SMH) to Heijmans. Next to Johan Cruijff Arena and metro station Strandvliet in Zuidoost, the Smart Mobility Hub (SMH) will rise in the coming years. The SMH will be Amsterdam's mobility hub for parking and transfers to urban, regional and (inter)national transportation. On the roof will be a sports park where Amsterdam residents, particularly those from Southeast, can play sports and meet each other.

cepezed is designing this enormous building in collaboration with Buro Sant and Co and Goudappel Coffeng, among others. In the construction team, Heijmans will be assisted by Finovi, specialist in innovative sports fields, for the design of the sports roof. Construction is expected to start in mid-2025 and the SMH will be in use by mid-2027.

About the Hub
Due to the strong growth of Amsterdam, the scarce space in the city needs to be used increasingly smartly. The SMH should play an important role in this and consists of three parts: a mobility hub, a sports park on the roof and social and commercial facilities in the plinth. The SMH will replace the current parking lots north of the Johan Cruijff ArenA. These will then make way for the construction of new housing in De Nieuwe Kern and the expansion of AFC Ajax's De Toekomst sports park. In addition to 2160 parking spaces for cars and 700 bicycle parking spaces, the SMH will also provide space for cabs, kiss & ride traffic, additional public transport and coaches.

Want to know more about the project? Check out the project here.

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