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Huge truss floats through the air

Lucas van der Wee

A spectacular moment in the construction process of InHolland University of Applied Sciences: the installation of an enormous truss. At 33 metres long, 8 metres high and weighing 50 tonnes, it is an important structural element. The truss was pre-assembled on site from prefabricated parts.

vertical campus
Hogeschool Inholland is located in Amsterdam Sluisbuurt. It is intended for interdisciplinary education: various study programmes will soon use it and the laboratories are intended for both the ROC and the Hogeschool Inholland. Partly for this reason, the building is conceived as a vertical campus. The outdoor space flows into the indoor space, where it meanders upwards over 'streets' and 'squares'.

700-tonne crane
The lifted truss is the support for the 'atrium roof'. Despite its considerable size, the truss was easily lifted into place by crane. The 700-tonne crane came to the site especially for this purpose. The truss was pre-assembled on site and can be properly dismantled if necessary.

This flexibility also applies to the interior. By keeping the floor areas as open as possible, the spatial layout is flexible. This makes it possible to anticipate possible function changes and the growth or shrinkage of one or another user group is not a problem.

dynamics and sustainability
The Sluisbuurt will be a densely built-up area with un-Dutch building heights. With its nine floors, Inholland is relatively low, but it sets the tone in terms of dynamism and sustainability. There will be some serious planting inside and outside. Altogether, 35% of the plot will soon be planted, with greenery on the roofs also acting as a water buffer. Energy will be generated with panels on the roofs and PV elements integrated in the facade. Hogeschool Inholland is scheduled for completion in mid-2024.

Want to know more? See the Hogeschool Inholland Sluisbuurt project page or the virtual tour.

Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee