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International school Almere: collaborative, green and adaptive

Lucas van der Wee

The International School Almere was recently completed and will be furnished in the next few months. The new school building for primary and secondary education is spacious and full of daylight and will soon be embedded in greenery. In the design, cepezed divided the educational functions over three linked building blocks, with the middle block for shared use. The school will be ready for use in September.

primary and secondary education
Almere's existing international school is currently still divided over two locations. But as from the new school year, the school will be able to use 1 large new building on the Breskensweg in Almere Stad. The school is intended for primary and secondary education, accommodating a total of 700 children between 4 and 19 years old. The building is adaptive: it is designed to be easily extended to accommodate 1,000 pupils. The connection between inside and outside received special attention, through large windows, skylights over playful staircases and an arcade.

The spatial subdivision keeps the learning environment per age group small-scale. The primary school is in a low single-floor wing, the secondary school in a three-floor block. The whole is carefully embedded in a green outdoor space zoned by age group.
There will be fruit trees and vegetable gardens for educational purposes. For younger children, there is a separate playground. The triangular shape of the plot and the straight shape of the building create naturally defined outdoor areas.

heart of the school
The assembly hall, gymnasiums, music and drama rooms, library and canteen are located in the middle building block. This area forms the heart of the school, where shared activities take place. The children also eat together, make music together and can study together in the library. The school attaches great importance to this given the diverse cultural backgrounds of the pupils and the holistic approach to international education.

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Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee