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Is er een circulaire revolutie gaande in de architectuur?

Sebastian Kissel

Is there a revolution going on in architecture? Circularity, sustainability and future-proofing are hot topics that raise this question. During a lecture at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich, Paddy Sieuwerts, architect and partner at cepezed, answered this question.

climate change
"It is very important that the revolution is here. The world is changing, we are dealing with climate change, and there are many changes we have to deal with. Also in the construction sector, in our own environment, in our contact with nature", Paddy Sieuwerts says. But when he views it from cepezed's point of view, he does not see a revolution, because all these elements have been in cepezed's DNA since its foundation in 1973.

basic philosophy
The basic philosophy of cepezed projects is the creation of user-friendly architecture. The creation of flexible and future proof structures with an abundance of daylight, that offer a pleasant stay and optimal use. By using prefabricated and high-quality construction products, they make constructions not only efficient but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The cepezed method of prefabrication results in a dry assembly of the various parts. As a result, buildings can not only be constructed quickly and (relatively) quietly, but thanks to smart design, a building can also be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere. cepezed has designed various buildings of this kind, the largest of which (the Temporary Court Amsterdam) is currently being dismantled. Afterwards, it will be moved 150 kilometres to Enschede, near the German border, and transformed into a business centre.

remontable design
Remountable design and construction is a new way of thinking in construction, which brings many enormous advantages. With the current expensive raw materials and environmental standards, this can mean a revolution. For cepezed, it is a logical evolution, according to Sieuwerts.

lecture online
Go to the site of the Oskar von Miller Forum to watch the complete lecture by Paddy Sieuwerts (English spoken), about cepezed's way of working, with practical examples of demountable construction and remountable design.

Sebastian Kissel
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