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lister approach in theme issue systems building

Last year, cepezed and Lister Buildings started Lister Architecture, aimed at the large-scale production of modular homes made of wood. The March edition of specialist journal De Architect is entirely devoted to systematic building and devotes attention to the innovative Lister approach in the article 'Maatwerk zoekt fabriek'.

Systematic building is an important key to solving the housing shortage. The Lister collaboration distinguishes itself by its integral full service approach. Within Lister Architecture, cepezed has extensive knowledge of and experience with systematic prefab construction and housing design. Lister Buildings has expertise in the development, production, construction and management of these houses. So from initiative to operation, a compact goal-oriented team with a strong focus on quality is involved.

The Lister system consists of circular, remountable elements that can be configured differently for each specific project. This way, no monotonous factory houses are created, but comfortable homes made of natural materials. Because of this flexibility, the system is also very suitable for care homes, student homes or homes for the elderly.

Much attention has been paid to the surroundings and aspects such as biodiversity, ecology and water management. "Due to this, the initiative has the potential to transcend the catalogue house," says De Architect. By using CLT, supplemented with other sustainable materials, the houses also have lower CO₂ emissions.