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logistics air force building ready for use

Lucas van der Wee

The Integral Logistics Centre (ILC) at Leeuwarden Airbase is ready for use. In cepezed's design, technology and logistics definitely come first, but the workplaces are nevertheless pleasant. In March, employees of the air force will slide behind their desks.

distribution of air force equipment
The new Integrated Logistics Centre is designed for the storage, management, provision and distribution of air force equipment. To support special military missions, but also for running the base itself. All functions are accommodated in 1 building: storage and expedition, issue desk, offices, meeting rooms, accommodation areas and a crew room. A covered vehicle shed houses specific goods and army vehicles.

In the division of spaces and functions across the building, logistics was leading, but coherence and orientation were at least as important. There is always a clear view outside and long lines of sight inside as well, so that employees can see each other. In the office and conference area, patios with lots of greenery create daylight-rich workplaces and pleasant break areas. A long axis throughout the building connects the different building parts.

lush landscape design
The outdoor space around the building has been redesigned as well. Because of the necessarily high amount of paving, the green areas are actually lush and friendly. The site design has taken possible expansion of the building into account.

historical surroundings
The ILC is a new building in a historic environment. The air base has existed since 1938 and was originally intended for civil aviation, although not much remains of the buildings from that era due to World War II. Since 1953, it has only been a military airbase, and not an insignificant one: only Leeuwarden and Volkel Air Base have F16s and F35 Lightning IIs deployed, and in rotation within the Benelux, two aircraft are on standby in connection with possible unidentified aerial threats.

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Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der wee