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green border for new control room in amsterdam


After successfully realizing an incident room in Apeldoorn, we were selected to also design the incident room in Amsterdam. In Apeldoorn it involved new construction; in Amsterdam it involved the smart transformation of an existing office building.

new emergency centre
Amsterdam's emergency room is currently located on the Elandsgracht, but that is not tenable in the long term. Accessibility, space, layout, technical condition and parking facilities for chain partners made the police decide to move. An existing office building in Amsterdam Westpoort is being transformed into the Amsterdam Common Control Room (GMKA) in a future-proof manner. The GMKA is a collaboration of ambulance service, fire department, police and LMS.

green border
The most striking intervention we propose is the green "bumper" around the building. This will make it more pleasant to work inside while serving as security. We envision a lush, intimate courtyard garden, with native shrubs and trees. The garden has a rising slope, with concrete on the outside. This concrete edge also provides shelter from headlights and prying eyes for the control room employees.

Subtle play
Our design vision is a subtle play of openness and closedness, accessibility and high security, and concentration and collaboration zones. The existing architectural structure is modified only where strictly necessary. For example, we propose a void above the first floor, for visual contact and a direct connection between the two control room floors.

In our vision, a new canopy marks the transition between the full-glass plinth and the superstructure. The canopy runs around the entire building and provides a pleasant working environment on the first floor. Together with the new, vertical slats, the canopy prevents glare and reflection on the screens in the control room, so the primary business process is not disrupted. The canopy also keeps out excess heat. The canopy can grow vegetation and also allow nesting areas for small animals and birds.

noise, murmur, peace
Control rooms are crucial for citizens in need and for the deployment and coordination of emergency services during disasters and emergencies. It is a 24/7 work environment that demands a lot from employees. Therefore, it is important that they feel at home there. The new GMKA will have a residential quality by distinguishing noise, murmur and quiet zones and by alternating connecting and separating elements and open and closed areas. These zones and the workplaces will have an informal or, on the contrary, a formal atmosphere. This promotes cooperation without losing sight of the need for concentrated work.

We won the tender based on our vision. The design work of the control room will start January 2024 and completion is scheduled for November 2026.

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