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Menno Rubbens jury member Circular Awards 2023: ‘inspire others’

lucas van der wee | cepezed

‘Submit your circular project before 9 December. Or nominate someone who is committed to the circular economy’. That is the appeal of Menno Rubbens, director of cepezedprojects. He is a popular speaker on circular entrepreneurship and was last year named Circular Hero 2022. Next year, he and other ‘circular heroes’ will be on the jury of the Circular Awards.

what has the title ‘circular hero 2022’ brought you?

“The title generated a lot of interest in our circular projects, which we have realised with cepezed and our various partners. It gives the opportunity to tell our story on various stages and draw attention to intrinsic circularity. After all, you still see quite a lot of greenwashing around this theme,” says Menno Rubbens.

why is it important to participate?
“To enter the Circular Hero Award, it is necessary to clearly list the circular projects you have already realised, where your main ambitions are for the coming years and how you intend to fulfil them,” says Rubbens. He appeals to anyone committed to circularity to participate. “You get an understanding of where your motivation comes from and how you can bring others along in it. So participating helps you to inspire others with your own story.”

what circular projects are you currently working on?
“At the moment, we are working on several circular projects, almost all focusing on the highest level on the 'R-ladder'. We try to reuse whole buildings or building sections one-by-one so that we avoid maximum CO2 emissions,” says Rubbens. “In addition, we make our new construction projects in a way that they have minimal emissions due to our design and construction methodology.”
“The most recent examples are the relocation of the Temporary Court from Amsterdam to Enschede, the upcoming relocation of the Zuiderstrandtheater van Scheveningen naar Oss, the building of nieuw zorgcentrum PI Scheveningen that is right next to a Natura 2000 area, and the construction of a circulair centrum in Heerde using materials from the former provincial government building in Arnhem.”

categories, jury and initiators
The Circular Awards are organised by the Versnellingshuis Nederland Circulair! and powered by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works. It is operated by The Green Brain and MVO Netherlands. Innovative projects, products and services from companies and governments that have made a special contribution to the circular transition in the Netherlands will be put in the spotlight with a Circular Award. These are divided into four categories: Circular Award Business Large (large SMEs and corporates), Circular Award Business Small (SMEs), Circular Award Public (public institutions) and Circular Heroes (individuals). The Circular Heroes expert jury consists of: Sandra Nap, Bram Peters, Menno Rubens (winners ‘22), Klaske Kruk and Guido Braam (winners ‘21). More information is available at Circular Awards 2023.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed

Below is a video presenting the Circular Hero Awards 2022. Meet winners and judges Sandra Nap, Bram Peters and Menno Rubbens. Klaske Kruk and Guido Braam are introduced in this video.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
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