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moreelsebrug example for city of the future

lucas van der wee | cepezed

The German digital press platform for science, society, technology and environment RiffReporter currently pays attention to the cyclist facilities in the station environment of Utrecht. The website marks these as a guideline for the city of the future. The Moreelsebrug designed by cepezed also receives abundant credits. Author Andrea Reidl notes that the use of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge is not only fast and safe, but also extremely comfortable. Despite its dimensions, she thinks the connection has a refined look and is a still point between the districts it connects. “The piece of nature created by the trees immediately invites you to relax. Many cyclists and pedestrians linger for a while or proceed at a slow pace. They set eyes on the train traffic or enjoy the unobstructed view of the city. On the Moreelsebrug, they take a short break from the hustle of the city.” Sustainable travelling is both easy and attractive here, Reidl concludes.

The Moreelsebrug has been in use since 2016. Over the train tracks, it connects the Croeselaan and the Moreelsepark. The design is entirely focused on appearance, efficiency and functionality. Characteristic is the span in one clear, spatial gesture with a series of trees on top. Thus, the structure functions more like elongated esplanade and high-quality continuation of the urban space, than specifically as an infrastructural object.

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