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Dynamic design process with reclaimed materials leads to circular center

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Unusual and extraordinary is the way the 'circular center' in Heerde is being created. It is made of reclaimed parts and materials from the Prinsenhof, the former provincial government building in Arnhem. Before dismantling, client Lagemaat and architecture firm cepezed had already visualised the building blocks of the basic design. During the gathering of materials, the design is constantly being refined. An unusually dynamic process.
puzzle pieces
Instead of waiting for all the puzzle pieces that the dismantling of the former provincial government building in Arnhem will provide (7,400 m2), Lagemaat and cepezed decided to start the design phase of this special circular building. The ultimate goal has already been achieved, giving a second life to a donor building. In the new design, the reclaimed materials -such as the huge concrete plates and façade elements- are reused as structural parts. This approach is unique and challenging. Extra convenient and special is that Lagemaat itself, as cepezed's client, is doing the dismantling of the building in Arnhem for the circular center.
impossible is possible
The circular center will be distinctive by innovations in reuse. Lagemaat and cepezed want to build with fewer CO2 emissions and more economical use of limited raw materials. With these projects - dismantling a building that was not designed for this purpose and creating a new building from reused materials - they want to prove that the impossible is possible.
The design uses multiple donor sites. The high-rise building comes from the Prinsenhof. The new building will therefore be circular in several aspects: reusing materials that were previously recycled, using different types of materials and bringing together materials from different projects, giving them a second life and saving on new material.
circular hub
cepezed is designing a circular center and client Lagemaat also sees it as a 'circular hub' in Heerde. The center will be a hotspot for business, education and government. Among these things, it will accommodate work-training company Lucrato. With this work-training company, Lagemaat has a partnership for a socially sustainable program. There will also be a materials depot for reclaimed materials, to boost the transition to a circular economy.

IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Galjema Technisch Adviesbureau (installations) and LBP|SIGHT are involved as partners in this project. cepezed and Lagemaat have been collaborating for some time in various circular innovative projects. The design of the Tijdelijke Rechtbank Amsterdam , for example, which can be dismantled, has been put into practice by Lagemaat. Lagemaat will also rebuild the building in Enschede. And furthermore, Lagemaat and cepezedprojects are investigating how the Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen can be given a second life in Oss.

Lagemaat BV
Lagemaat BV
Lagemaat BV
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