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research cepezed: exhibit 600 years old ship is possible in Kampen

The IJsselkogge -an ancient and well preserved ship- will return home. Last week, the Kampen city council gave financial approval to a feasibility study by cepezed, allowing the 600 year old ship to be exhibited in the Hanseatic city from 2024.

about the IJsselkogge
The IJsselkogge is a 600 year old ship that was discovered in the bottom of the IJssel in Kampen in 2011. According to experts it was a special find, because the wreck was very complete when it was lifted five years later. Until the end of 2024 it will be in Batavialand in Lelystad, where the ship will be well preserved.

compact exhibition space
At the request of the municipality of Kampen, cepezed investigated whether the ancient shipwreck could be exhibited in the public space of the site. Design and location were crucial for this.
In order to create as much visibility as possible, all parties initially thought of a kind of glass dome, as previously designed by cepezed for the Pinas in Den Helder. This turned out to be unfeasible due to the strict conservation requirements of the Cultural Heritage Agency. Too much sunlight, fluctuating temperatures and humidity would damage the preserved vessel too much.
cepezed then designed a modest and compact shelter in which the IJsselkogge is shown to the inhabitants of Kampen, deepened into the ground. The thickened roof not only provides the necessary shade, it is also part of the visitor's route and it contains the necessary installations to meet the conservation requirements. The finish is determined depending on the location. cepezed outlined two possibilities; a variant with white textile cloth and a corten steel frame.

locations IJsselkogge
cepezed explored various locations where the design could be located in Kampen. The Koggewerf is historically a beautiful location, because it is about 150 meters from the wreck site. Schans Buitenwacht has advantages and disadvantages. The location on land is unnatural for the IJsselkogge and it is precisely here that an eye catching bicycle shed will be built, which competes with the exhibition space. The advantage is that the IJsselkogge can be seen prominently from the station.
The municipality of Kampen also wants to investigate the Van Heutszplein, on the quay in the center. The wreck lay there when it was lifted from the IJssel. A study is also being considered, in which the IJsselkogge will become the center of a larger experience museum about the Hanseatic period. Sufficient sponsors have yet to be found for this 'Hanze Experience', which is budgeted ten times more expensive than the 'stand alone' option designed by cepezed.