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Schiphol series: the open pier concept

The new pier for Schiphol Airport is under construction. The combination of the functions of pier and mini-terminal makes this project interesting and complex. The design is innovative, future-oriented and sets a new tone for Schiphol. In a series of articles we give you an insight into the design and construction process, each time focusing on a different topic. In part one: the open pier concept.

open, clear and inviting
In the design of the new pier, the passenger experience is central. Traditional airport piers are predominantly oriented towards transition and are characterised by a lot of roller conveyors, low floors and uniform waiting benches in long rows. This provides little overview and directs travellers to the, sometimes even separated and secured, waiting rooms at their own gate.

cepezed's design is open and surveyable, but above all inviting. Due to its relatively remote location, the pier has been designed as a residential area with atmospheric waiting rooms, a rich offer of catering establishments and commercial facilities. The clear zoning consists of a main stream, waiting areas, boarding zones and the 'commercial hub' in the heart.

Clear sightlines
From the various waiting areas there is a direct view of the gates, so passengers are not tied to a specific waiting area. This can be achieved by placing as few columns as possible in the design and by limiting the number of walkways, so that people can cross quickly. All the installation shafts are clustered around the gates and in the façade zone. This ensures proper sightlines to the gates and the aircraft outside.

This overview is combined with a spatial variety of ceiling heights and a diverse range of waiting areas, in line with the needs of individual passengers. From high desks, children's play areas, café seats and lounge chairs in green courtyards, to the familiar queuing arrangements near the gate.
The use of wood and bamboo in floors, furniture and ceilings contributes to the sresidential value and experience. The waiting areas next to voids with living greenery reinforce this.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed