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fast transformation through prefabrication

Lucas van der Wee

Closed facades and dead-end corridors will be a thing of the past at Dulon College. The new design is daylight-rich and transparent. Thanks to the use of prefabricated elements - such as the 18-metre-long trusses now being installed - the construction of the transformation is proceeding as planned.

multifunctional atrium
With the simple installation of steel trusses on the existing shell, one of the two former courtyard gardens now turns into an atrium quite easily. Between the steel trusses will be skylights creating a natural, daylight-rich space. The atrium will soon accommodate the auditorium with canteen, but this is not a permanent feature. An open day, exhibition or even a theatre, the atrium is multifunctional.

First, the building was completely stripped down to the concrete shell. Then the building was completely rearranged. Footbridges were placed between the wings and theory classrooms were strategically placed, creating space between the classrooms for learning spaces. This will make the routes through the building lighter and clearer; no corridor will be dead-end any more.

kit-of-parts method
Thanks to the use of many prefabricated elements, the façade, among others, was also quickly attached. This is because the HSB facade elements used include the frame, glass and waterproofing layer all in one. Like a Lego brick, it is placed on the facade. Because of this kit-of-parts method, the building will be wind- and watertight in no time.

more sustainable
With the existing concrete shell as a starting point, a more logical, compact design has now been created. As a result, there will be less wasted area and it will be a nearly energy-neutral building (BENG). Over 1,900m² of solar panels will be installed on the roof. The roof light in the atrium will be fitted with solar control glass and every room will have the option of sufficient ventilation. This creates fresh and light living spaces that fit well with the Frisse Scholen class B label.

By mid-2024, Dulon College will be able to facilitate a diversity of education in the renovated school building.

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Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee
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