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Cepezed presents vision of Arnhem City Theatre


The city theatre in Arnhem will be renovated and renewed. Last tuesday evening, five designs were presented for this purpose, in the Kleine Zaal of the Musis & City theatre. Ronals Schleurholts presented that in the plan of cepezed, the theatre will remain open during the renovation.

friendly and elegant
“A friendly and elegant new building section of wood and glass encloses a new main auditorium and connects Koningsplein to the canal via an inner street. The inner street forms the heart of the building, from where you can get anywhere and have a good overview” as Ronald Schleurholts explained. The design is focused on experience, encounter and connection. In addition, a lot of material from the existing building and released materials will be reused. Sustainability, climate conditions and biodiversity also receive a lot of attention.

large hall becomes the small hall
In the design by cepezed, IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Nelissen ingenieursbureau, WDJArchitecten and Ingenieursbureau Multical B.V., the current large hall will be transformed into a small hall. A new main hall will be created on the left side of the current building, with better sightlines and more seating compared to the old main hall. “By swapping the halls, we are aiming for maximum reuse of the monument, and the theatre doesn’t have to close during construction.”

'shows can go on'
The local media discusses five designs. The summary presentations can be read in the Arnhemse Koerier, the differences are discussed in the Arnhemse Courant. De Gelderlander dwells on the fact that only cepezed’s design allows performances to continue during the renovation. On the 22nd of December, the municipality of Arnhem will announce which team will be allowed to further elaborate it’s design for the City Theatre.

Rachelle Stoffels
Rachelle Stoffels
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