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steel roof trusses arsenaaldelft positioned

lucas van der wee | cepezed

The steel roof trusses for the patio roof of the ArsenaalDelft were placed into position! The roof closes the courtyard of the oldest part of the monumental complex, the white building at the head. The roof renders the square usable all year round as a covered terrace for the restaurant. Thereby, it increases the usable floor area of the complex.

respectful integration

The facades around the patio are now over four hundred years old and clearly show the traces of change over the centuries. cepezed has kept their history as legible and intact as possible. Therefore, the new roof is designed with a lot of respect for the existing building. In order to minimize both the use of materials as the visual impact, the steel trusses are extremely thin. The mounting is minimalistic and leaves the existing building changeless as much as possible. Double and walkable glass will be installed on the trusses; this will leave the generous natural light in the courtyard unchanged as well. An air extraction system will be integrated into the raised edge of the new roof and will contribute to a pleasant climate on the terrace.

historic inner-city

Under the coordination of cepezedbouwteam, the roof is realized by iFS Building Systems. A difficulty for the realization is the high-density historic location in the heart of Delft, which is moreover completely surrounded by water. Nevertheless, the installation of the trusses went smoothly. With a good logistical preparation and a specially hired crane with an extra long arm, the job was done in one day only.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
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