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start construction bicycle parking facilities tilburg station


Thursday April 25th marked the official start construction of two cepezed-designed bicycle parkings at Tilburg station. Under the watchful eye of many interested people, regional director ProRail Wendy de Wild, director NS Stations Femke Woudstra and the Tilburg councilors De Vries and Jacobs jointly performed the starting act.

One parking facility will be on the north side of the station and the other one the south side. Together, they will offer space for over 7000 bicycles. The northern parking facility has space for 3900 bicycles, is the first one to be build and is expected to be ready in the summer of 2020. The southern parking facility on the side of the city center will have 3400 parking spots and will probably be finished by the end of 2021.

Both parking facilities are equipped with conveyer belts and are permanently guarded. There will also be a service room for minor repairs and the parking facilities will accommodate around 200 OV (public transport) bikes. Travelers will be able to park their bikes for free the first 24 hours.

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