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Bicycle parking facilities Tilburg station


Bicycle parking facilities Tilburg station 

"The bicycle parking facility on the south side is an eye-catcher in the transformation of the railway zone in Tilburg," said councillor Bas van der Pol. For the Tilburg train station, cepezed designed two bicycle parking facilities; one on either side of the train tracks, together for over 7,000 bicycles in total. The facilities are part of the total modernization of the public transport hub Tilburg, which also includes the Tilburg bus station and the restoration and expansion of the listed station building.

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lucas van der wee

user friendliness  

Thanks to the high-quality yet robust materials and attention to detail, the buildings have been given the nickname "bicycle hotel". Both facilities are permanently guarded and the first 24 hours are free to park.

The bicycle parking facility on the south side is the first in Brabant where travellers can use the new automatic check-in and check-out zone. Via a screen travellers can check-in or out with their OV-chip card. For season ticket holders with a bicycle tag, it is even easier. The gates recognise the tag, so travellers can keep the OV pass in their pocket.

lucas van der wee

energy efficient  

The bicycle parking facilities are energy efficient. On the one hand by design, on the other by energy-saving measures.

The glass design of both buildings is inviting, provides a lot of natural light and ventilates naturally through the shingled glass panels. As a result, less energy-consuming installations are required.

The energy-saving LED lighting is used effectively and efficiently. The light is only on when users are present. At night the parking is partially illuminated with dimmed lights, which contributes to a safe environment.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed

fitted into the environment  

The buildings have been carefully integrated into their surroundings. The height of the parking spaces is in line with the buildings already present under the station's iconic 'kroepoekdak' (crockery roof).

The roofs of the facilities are covered with sedum providing natural cooling in summer and heat retention in winter. It is also good for biodiversity in Tilburg's railway zone, as it is attractive to bees and butterflies. The sedum roof also ensures delayed water drainage, which contributes to the water management of the area.

The façade construction consists of black steel profiles with integrated drainpipes. Cantilevered glass panels provide natural ventilation. The underside of the façade is made of concrete. Which fits with the original design and at the same time serves as collision protection.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed

monumental character  

The new bicycle parking facilities deal in a balanced way with the monumental character of the existing building.

For example, the former postal platform, supported by the iconic V-pillars, has been given a new function. The platform has been transformed into an atrium, where hundreds of bicycles can be parked. The monumental staircase to the former postal platform has been turned into an ascending garden.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

"After the renovation of the station and the opening of the parking on the north side, this is another great highlight."
- Magdalena Piowtrowska (Regional Director NS)

"The new bicycle parking facility is an eye-catcher in the transformation of the railway zone in Tilburg. Public transport passengers can park their bicycles here easily, safely and quickly. This makes travelling to and from Tilburg by train more comfortable for everyone. In this way, we encourage even more people to use their bicycles to get to the station. This way, we contribute to a healthy and happy Tilburg. It also ensures that we keep the public space around the station liveable and free of bicycles."
- Bas van der Pol (alderman of Tilburg)

"It is wonderful how we have designed a new and modern building for Tilburg, which is still entirely in the spirit of the original architect Koen van der Gaast. A beautiful result of the cooperation with cepezed as a designer and Dura Vermeer as a contractor."
- Dimitri Kruik (Regional Director ProRail)

lucas van der wee | cepezed


  • client: gemeente tilburg
  • interior design: nvt
  • urban design: atelier quadrat
  • stability: rhdhv
  • building services, building physics & fire safety: rhdhv
  • main contractor: dura vermeer
  • contractor steel construction: berselaar
  • façades: scheuten
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