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Last night just before midnight, the first prefabricated part of the temporary connection between the new A pier and the existing B pier was put into position! The corridor connects the new pier to the rest of Schiphol until the new terminal is ready as well.

prefabricated modules

The connection has a length of 250 meters and is 12,6 meters wide. The corridor will partly be placed over the main route of this part of the airport, through which luggage, passengers, fuel and other things are transported. The passage consist of nine parts. The central part is ground-based, was already built on site last December and also importantly contributes to the corridor’s stability. The other parts are positioned on columns, are modular and have recently been assembled on the construction site of the A pier. The first one was driven to its position last night.


Inside, the passage is provided with eight conveyer belts. On airside, the façade is completely transparent for optimal daylight and a wide view over the air traffic.

tight planned positioning

The positioning of the various parts requires strict planning. Because work must take place in hours when there are no flights, only a few hours are available each time. For the connection to the B pier, part of the existing façade of this pier will be removed.

The new connection brings the commissioning of the new A pier a step closer!

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