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the 'circl' is indeed round

paul starink

In 2017, ABN AMRO built a circular pavilion on the Zuidas: Circl. It was recently announced that lcp circulair will be responsible for dismantling the pavilion, which will take around 9 months. For the subsequent reuse, lcp is collaborating with Icon Real Estate (part of Victory Group). Their joint ambition is to facilitate the reuse of at least 70 per cent of the material.

material passport
Instead of demolishing the building and taking the materials to a landfill, valuable materials are being removed and stored for future reuse. Circular dismantling is by definition a time-consuming, intensive process in which components are handled with great care. All parts are given a unique label, with information on origin, quality and value. In this way, the 1.2 million kilograms of CO2 stored in the materials will be transferred to a future project, avoiding new CO2 emissions. Dismantling is also quieter, less dusty and less stressful for local residents than traditional demolition.

'This project will be an example of high-quality reuse rather than recycling. Reusing entire building structures helps enormously in achieving the required CO2 savings. In this, we are happy to combine our knowledge and experience with the ambition of our client, Icon Real Estate,' say Menno Rubbens and Gerd-Jan Jongerman, the directors and founders of lcp circulair. During dismantling, the ecology on and around the pavilion is also being carefully considered. On behalf of lcp Circulair, Stichting Struikroven organised that local residents could harvest the greenery from the Circl's garden and will reuse it in other gardens in the area.

paul starink
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