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the green house nominated entree awards

lucas van der wee | cepezed

The cepezed-designed circular and sustainable restaurant The Green House in Utrecht is nominated for the Entree Awards 2018, category Best Hospitality Concept. Every year, a 21-person professional jury selects catering companies that are so beautiful, good, innovative, distinctive and/or unique that they deserve an award.

There are eleven categories in total. In the category Best Hospitality Concept, the jury looks for the catering companies that have realized a compelling concept. The nominees are all distinctive and their ideas serve as surprising inspirations for the industry. The interior naturally ties in closely with the concept.

The trade magazine Entree, which organizes the awards, writes: β€œIt is remarkable that sustainability remains an important notion for entrepreneurs and designers. In addition, entertainment in the hospitality industry is emerging and more and more entrepreneurs have a new perspective on how people – especially the new generations – like to eat out; that goes beyond good food and a nice entourage."

The awards ceremony will take place on Monday the 26th of November in Theater Amsterdam. More information, see website of Entree Awards.

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