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Temporary Court in detail

lucas van der wee | cepezed

The November issue of the German design magazine DETAIL features cepezed’s temporary court house. The dismountable construction even reaches the cover.

many cross-sections
The author clearly explains the previous function, the structure, and its future: 'Statt der vorgesehenen fünf Jahre kann der Bau nun bis zu 50 Jahre genutzt warden, und das an verschiedensten Standorten' (instead of the requested five years, this building can function up to 50 years, and at different locations). True to the magazine's name, the article is accompanied by detailed visuals: photos of the courthouse and, above all, many cross-sections.

ronald schleurholts
In the last paragraph, architect Ronald Schleurholts discusses cepezed's experience with this rather innovative building. During dismantling, for instance, it turned out that a number of demountable components were actually too small and thus generated extra work. This can save time and money for next time. The same goes for the fastening bolts: it would be better to place them exactly in their intended place ensuring that they can easily be found during the dismantling.

The German-English-language magazine can be ordered via DETAIL's website.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
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