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weekend tip: cepezed podcast!

lucas van der wee

Curious about how cepezed is doing during the corona crisis and how we cope with it as an architectural office? Listen to the second BK-FM podcast of the Delft study association Stylos. cepezed partner and architect Jan Pesman gives you the heads up!

bucking up the community

The podcast series is an initiative of bachelor Architecture students Danil Oort and Renzo Westerbeek and is primarily intended for the community of the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology. The idea is to hearten all staff and students now that everyone is at home - and to let them know that life in the architecture and construction industry continues (digitally) as usual. The series will continue for as long as the crisis lasts.


In the second episode, Pesman explains, among other things, that cepezed does not yet notice much of the corona crisis from an architecture point of view. Of course we have all been working from home since a month and we take the RIVM measures into account during the little contact we still have. But the design and construction work is still going smoothly and, although some initiatives have been postponed, there are still potentially interesting assignments on the market for us.

Of course, the impact of corona is slower on the architecture and construction branches, than for example on the catering or retail industries. During the last crisis in 2008, we managed to position ourselves well and even managed to grow. And currently, we also still need new people. So we anticipate the future with confidence, but we just have to wait and see as well, of course.

In any case, this crisis teaches us that fixed patterns and expectations are not as obvious as they seem. In our opinion, this makes it all the more important to make adaptive and circular buildings. But it also shows how flexible and inventive people are when needed and that gives a lot of confidence for any future scenario!


The podcast series brings everything home to the students and staff that normally happens at the Faculty of Architecture; from studying and brainstorming to developing creativity, chatting and drinking coffee. In the first episode, the hosts interviewed the coordinator of the first year ON2 design course, Frank Schnater. They talked to him about how to digitalize what normally arises on sketch rolls and in scale models. The second episode with Jan Pesman also contains fragments of a mini-lecture by Rem Koolhaas, recorded by Stylos on LP in 1982! We are already looking forward to episode three, with answers from listeners to whether they are picking up things now they always wanted to do, such as hobbies, projects or developing skills. You can now listen to episode two through:



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