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Consulate of the Netherlands in Munich


Consulate of the Netherlands in Munich 

Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cepezed designed the interior of the Netherlands consulate general in Munich, Germany. The assignment consisted of creating an efficient interior space with an open, welcoming and agreeable atmosphere. Security and confidentiality had to be guaranteed as well, however.

  • client(s)
  • ministry of foreign affairs
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  • München
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  • dutch embassy
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    cepezed interior

Surprising interior  

The design of the consulate had to radiate prestige without being dominant. Light colours and materials were used to create an interior that contrasts in a surprising way with the simple and rather nondescript architecture of the multi-tenant building in which the consulate is housed.

Antje Hanebeck

Sliding walls create a sense of space  

The corridor area used to be a dark, indeterminate zone. Now, large sliding walls of frosted glass provide a feeling of spaciousness. In open position, the offices connect to the corridor and to eachother. In closed position, they provide privacy and good acoustic insulation.

Antje Hanebeck

Technology and carpets  

The cabling for communications and electricity is incorporated into the shiny white polyurethane floors. Users have access via floor boxes. Carpeting provides good acoustics and a comfortable atmosphere in the working areas.

Antje Hanebeck


  • client: ministerie van buitenlandse zaken
  • intererior design: cepezedinterieur
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