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Dutch embassy Madrid


Dutch embassy Madrid 

The Netherlands embassy in Madrid is housed on the 36th and 37th floors of the 240-metre-high Torre Espacio skyscraper, designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. cepezed designed the interior of the embassy’s new accommodation.

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  • ministry of foreign affairs
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fas keuzenkamp

Transparency and curves  

On the 36th and 37th floors, the building has a lens-shaped floor plan, which gives the interior many curved shapes and lines. The 36th floor is largely reserved for public services, while the 37th floor is mainly filled with offices and meeting rooms.

Entirely in line with our vision, we designed the embassy interior with a high degree of transparency. Most of the partition walls are made of transparent glass. As a result, the wide view over the city is almost everywhere.

fas keuzenkamp
plattegrond 36e verdieping | cepezed
plattegrond 37e verdieping | cepezed


Like other Netherlands embassies, the Madrid branch is also furnished with Dutch art and Dutch design furniture. cepezed designed the interior of the embassy in close cooperation with the art and interior advisors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

fas keuzenkamp
fas keuzenkamp
fas keuzenkamp


  • client: ministerie van buitenlandse zaken
  • interior design: ministerie van buitenlandse zaken
  • stability: mc2 estudio de ingeniera
  • building services, building physics & security: ministerie van buitenlandse zaken
  • main contractor: ercer disenco construction e instalaciones s.i. ulper
  • contractor building services: ercer disenco construction e instalaciones s.i. ulper
  • contractor steel construction: wico metaalbewerking nederland bv
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