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international headquarters fugro


international headquarters fugro 

Fugro is a Geo-data specialist that collects and analyses comprehensive information. The tough new international headquarters is planned next to the already existing Fugro-TechCenter in Nootdorp. It will be an extremely sustainable building: flexible, biophilic and with an inviting, climate-proof garden. A long axis connects the Fugro TechCenter via the new building to the also new car park in the corner of the site. The new headquarters includes office spaces on the 3 floors and meeting rooms, laboratories and workshops, and a restaurant on the ground floor.

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dismountable and flexible  

A demountable building consisting of reusable parts fits Fugro's sustainability mission. The main building is divided into 4 wings, connected by 2 axes. One is the main axis, which continues across the site. The other is a more domestic, internal axis with meeting areas. The design provides for a possible extension on the garden side or an extension in the form of a detached building in the garden. The garage is completely demountable and the four wings of the headquarters can also be rented out separately, should the building actually become too big. Partly because of these aspects, the design was rated BREEAM Outstanding. Among other things, the solar panels on the roofs and on some facades make the Fugro head office energy-neutral.

stroke landscape  

The design of the garden is grafted onto the stroke landscape of the Green Heart. The planting plan is derived from local flora. Wadis collect rainwater which, like the rainwater on the roofs, is led to a shell deck under the car park where it is filtered. Fugro itself thought about this innovative, sustainable rainwater collection and filtration. Once filtered, the water can go to a grey water circuit or to deeper soil layers. A straight path branches off from the main axis in the garden to the metro stop nearby. Other paths are gravel or consist of decking, interspersed with stepping stones in swampy areas. There is a pond, play elements such as a boules court, and a meeting greenhouse in the garden.


In the design of the outdoor space, the transition between inside and outside and the view to the outside receive a lot of attention. The new head office is a daylight-rich building, with lots of glass in the facades and in the roof above the 2 axes are glass strips. That second axis is mainly decorated with wooden elements and provides places for formal consultations and informal meetings. Besides daylight and views of the garden and roof gardens, planting inside is an important design element. Inside, the main axis is paved with natural stone; outside is chic concrete (finely brushed). At the intersection of the axes, in the heart of the building, the internal axis becomes a spectacular aerial bridge.



zijn gescheiden, met aan de achterzijde van het hoofdgebouw ruimte voor laden en lossen, bij de parkeergarage autoverkeer en verder ruimte voor voetgangers en fietsers. Het hoofdkantoor heeft een gevel van verticale banen cortenstaal afgewisseld met glas. De gevel van de parkeergarage bestaat uit latten van naaldhout, die zorgen voor daglichtinval en natuurlijke ventilatie. De kleur van het hout sluit aan bij het cortenstaal van het hoofdgebouw en bij de oranje terracotta van het Fugro TechCenter.


  • landscape architects: BoschSlabbers
  • consulting engineers: Van Rossum
  • consulting engineers: Mulitcal
  • building physics: Cauberg Huygen
  • building services: Deerns
  • sustainability: RoyalHaskoning
  • housing consultancy, project management and construction cost consultancy: 4building
  • hospitality consultant: Vijverborgh
  • main contractor: De Vries en Verburg
  • contractor building services: den Doorn
  • circular design: EWB
  • design for experience: MMEK

awards & nominations

  • the breeam awards | 2024 | people's choice - whole of breeam
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