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Medical Centre Alkmaar


Medical Centre Alkmaar 

cepezed and cepezedinterieur designed a more than 55,000 m² Regional Top Clinical Intervention Centre for the Medical Centre Alkmaar (MCA), which is now part of the Northwest Clinics Group. The new building was intended for a location in Heerhugowaard. After completion of the full design, however, the hospital opted for a different future scenario.

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  • MCA
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  • Heerhugowaard
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    cepezed interieur


The +ACDC consortium was set up to design the new building. This comprised cepezed, engineering consultants Deerns and ABT and Cure+Care consultancy. Together, the parties were responsible for the ‘total design’.
In addition, cepezedinterieur designed the permanent fittings, in particular in all the public and patient-accessible areas.


Total design  

The Regional Top Clinical Intervention Centre (RTIC) was designed for acute care, treatment, accommodation and clinical diagnostics. The Medical Centre Alkmaar was investing in development that retains its value, and one way of achieving this is through optimum flexibility in the design. This is one of the reasons why MCA chose cepezed as the architect.

The consortium designed the business processes, the functional and logistic arrangements and the physical and virtual infrastructure of the hospital in optimal cohesion. Important starting principles of the total design were a pleasant indoor climate and a congenial experience with good views, natural light and scale differentiation.


Separate treatment and accommodation  

The design team has radically divided the treatment and accommodation functions of the hospital and situated them in separate volumes. All the strictly medical functions are housed in a single elongated and highly efficient building block.

The in-patient wards are located in an amiably meandering building form nearby. This set-up provides many advantages with regard to arrangement, traffic flows, natural light and views.



  • client: mca (now noordwest ziekenhuisgroep)
  • interior design: cepezedinterieur
  • landscaping: buro lubbers
  • stability, building physics & acoustics: abt
  • building services & sustainability: deerns
  • fire safety: dgmr