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police assembly site drachten


police assembly site drachten 

Business park A7-Noord in Drachten houses several police buildings, including a 112 control room. Due to the reorganisation of Politie Noord Nederland, this location will be expanded with other functions. The characteristics of the existing buildings have been incorporated in the new architecture. The most striking feature of the extensive design is the park-like setting. Because of the special location on three islands, cepezed and BoschSlabbers Landschapsarchitecten worked on it almost entirely together.

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existing and future developments  

Although the new buildings differ in size and shape, they clearly belong to an architectural family. Existing buildings will be given a new wing or a change in their function, and four new buildings will be added. The parking areas will also be reconstructed, this time with semi-paved surfaces. The aesthetics of the existing control room, a building from 2010, have been broadly adopted in the new building: a closed, horizontally articulated, dark plinth with a vertically articulated superstructure of glass and silver steel. The functions at the bottom of the buildings generally have a high resistance rating. The more open volume above them houses, among other things, offices and laboratories.



By assuming an efficient building package, it is possible to keep the architecture uniform and accommodate all special functions cost-efficiently. However, each building does have a special space, such as a patio, or a pleasant connecting zone with skylights and wooden roof beams. To realise these, within the mandated budget, just a little more was spent. In order not to let the functional and purposeful character prevail in other areas, the designs have been detailed with great attention. Individual elements on the façade have been 'tidied up' behind uniform edges as much as possible.


the landscape is leading  

The most telling aspect of the design is the precise way in which the buildings, parking spaces and bridges are embedded in the surrounding greenery: the landscape is guiding. The existing, long sightlines over the water are cherished and the design also provides green water borders that are so characteristic of Friesland. The banks will have natural reed vegetation and wadi-like slopes, enriching the ecology. Trenches for water retention will be incorporated between parking strips; these are also a kind of wadis. Exterior doors are situated so that there is an incentive to sit by the water, where there will be decking and seating elements.



The structure of islands is a given in business park A7-North. The buildings are not right next to the water, so the green belt is wide enough for nature development and to relax in. Bridges will be as elegant as possible, to preserve the idea of an island. The addresses Kelvinlaan 2 and 4 will be merged, but designed in such a way that the situation is optimal for safety, traffic and ecology - the relationship between land and water must not change anyway, according to the water board. The efficient integration of traffic movements, such as routes for all kinds of police equipment and for citizens, was a complex puzzle. We managed to put it in place without sacrificing scenic beauty.


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