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Annemijn Kuiper, architect 

has been working a cepezed since 2021, after an internship and a period as a working student. When communicating on a project, she combines a clear design vision with great empathetic skills.

Annemijn is comfortable with every scale level. At cepezed, she works on architectural and interior projects and on the conceptual phase of tenders. During her studies at TU Delft, she did a six-month internship at cepezed and in the summer of 2020, she joined us as a working student. Therefore, she knows what she is choosing to work for in 2021: an agency that is big enough to have a huge amount of knowledge, but small enough to know everyone.

In projects Annemijn works on, her tremendous collaborative spirit stands out alongside her design skills. Her contributions include the design of the Haarlemmermeer Town Hall and the interior design for the PI Scheveningen. Her master's specialisation in Heritage & Architecture was useful for the design for the transition and expansion of the Van Maerlantlyceum, where she is also involved in the graphic design of the signing.

Reusing existing buildings is important to Annemijn. This is already evident from her graduation research into the transition of modern 'port heritage' using the Katoenveem, a 1920s cotton warehouse, as a case study. 'I enjoy the challenge of making a design for a characteristic, old building, with respect for the past, suitable for another 100 years. Old buildings often have a peculiar light, rhythm and spaciousness. Choosing transition is sustainable and recognises the emotional value that buildings can have.'

The largest project Annemijn was involved in was the design for the Bravis Hospital, on which cepezed works together with Vakwerk Architecten. She sees both this collaboration and the complexity of the task and the specific healthcare processes as an enjoyable challenge. Annemijn likes the task of designing a pleasant building for all users of Bravis - a building that makes patients feel they are in good hands and a building that supports staff in their work. 'Walking along with healthcare specialists with a view to the best design makes the profession of architect quite special.'