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Franka te Lintel Hekkert, interior designer 

Franka has been working at cepezedinterieur since 2021. She is an experienced, multifaceted designer involved in both designing and supervising the construction phase.

Franka learns the profession of interior architect at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She graduates with a design for a survival unit, mobile and autarkic. Fortunately, she can immediately start freelancing and from 2017 to 2019, Franka works in the interior department of a project management agency. There, she gains experience in the work preparation of various short-term projects. In 2019, she switches to APTO architects, where she works mainly on projects in the design and implementation phases.

In these phases, which involve both design and construction, Franka feels right at home. She enjoys seeing how a design 'comes to life'. In essence, cepezed designs sustainably and circularly. Franka ensures that the sustainable and circular ambitions of the design are maintained in the construction. The interdisciplinary approach at cepezed, where several disciplines work on a total design, also suits Franka well.

Franka joined the design for Accelarator and was closely involved in the realisation. She is proud of how she picked up the design that was already there and took it to a higher level. She also enjoys working on Plus Ultra Utrecht, where she fits a convivial interior design into a corporate environment.