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Frederique van Alphen, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2009. She always tries to understand the question behind the question, putting together the right pieces of the puzzle.

Lucas van der Wee

Frederique studied architecture at TU Delft and followed exchange programmes in Panama and Barcelona. She worked at various offices on a wide range of projects before she joined cepezed.

Using conceptual thinking to understand the complexity of the assignment and arrive at the right housing for content users. That inspires Frederique time and again. Flexibility, spaciousness, comfort, technical ingenuity and sustainability lead to a building with an optimal living environment.

The Westland town hall is a good example of this for Frederique; a conceptually strong main design contributes to the use of the building and ensures that the town hall can also serve as a 'house of the city'. A place where people can hold in-house events and inaugurations. The KWR building Frederique worked on also shows how a clear building concept can also be a contemporary stimulating working and research environment. She also knows how to communicate her ideas well through her talent for sketching.