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Hans Cool, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2000. He is always looking for a design that solves several problems at the same time. He is not content with the first solution that presents itself, but likes to look further.

Hans studied architecture at TU Delft, where he majored in two areas: Architecture & Building Technology and Interior Design.

Refined detailing and continuously thinking up new solutions suit both cepezed and Hans. With a penchant for designing specific solutions that involve a lot of innovation and technology, the Jinso pavilion is a special project for him. That it was a modest assignment in terms of size matters little. What matters is the final result, in which the original building has been ingeniously extended.

The bus station in Tilburg is another special project that Hans looks back on with pleasure; it has schwung and was designed with great attention to an integral and elementary design.