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iris van der moolen, architectural engineer 

Iris has been working at cepezed since 2023. She is a pleasant, structured and empathetic addition to the team.

Iris obtained a bachelor's degree in architecture. She enriched this with the master's degree in architecture at Delft University of Technology. She completed both cum laude. For her master's thesis, Iris investigated how to bring residents together in gentrifying neighbourhoods with a public condenser. This focused on the design of a communal building for low-income residents and elderly people with limited abilities. Inclusivity and diversity were key factors in the issue. The solution unfolded in a mediatheque catering to the recreational and intellectual needs of different generations.

Iris is fascinated by adaptive, inclusive and hybrid buildings. Her analytical ability gives her an eye for detail and a precise attitude. She mixes this with a high interest in the user experience and the adaptive capacity of a building. The way architecture can respond to the needs of users and the environment is very important to her. In addition, Iris is always looking for something extra, a special feature that gives the design even more quality.

The fact that these topics are also key at cepezed appeals to Iris. She sees this as part of cepezed's ambition to design buildings in which current and future users enjoy working, learning and recreating. 'All functions, users and locations require a different type of building. Nevertheless, cepezed's handwriting is always clearly evident through its modern, timeless and finely detailed appearance.'

Although the cepezed handwriting really appeals to Iris, she finds OWL Laan op Zuid a nice project because of its innovative organisation and appearance. Due to the combination of two schools and several double-height spaces, the complexity of the project is great. Especially for organisation and routing through the building. 'This creates the challenge of occasionally bringing back just simplicity in the design. From the larger scale to the detail.'