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Jan Houtekamer, project manager construction & director 

Jan has been working at cepezed since 2002 and is director of cepezedbouwteam from 2018. With his calm, modest attitude, Jan ensures a calm and safe atmosphere.

Lucas van der Wee

Jan started as a junior architect at cepezed in 2002 after studying architecture at the TU Delft. The transferium he designed for his graduation in the TU studio 'The Transfer Machine' was exhibited at the very first IABR, in 2003. Besides his studies, Jan initially worked as an intern and then part-time at the Architecten Associatie. He also worked briefly at Hubert-Jan Henket.

As the son of a structural engineer, 'building' was always part of his life; Jan wanted to become a carpenter as a child. Later, the fascination for design was added. cepezedbouwteam is responsible for the project management of construction projects. This suits Jan well, he likes organising, coordinating and connecting. The concept of cepezedbouwteam originates from the 1990s. Back then, one of cepezed's partners designed his own house and had it built with a team of subsidiary contractors. For this, 'bouwteam general contracters' was set up, a bv that ultimately did not last. However, this was not because of the concept. Jan gave new life to the construction team approach in 2017, after which he founded cepezedbouwteam in 2018.

cepezedbouwteam operates as a consultant and takes care of the realisation of part of the cepezed designs. The execution is split into separately tendered partial assignments, so that the construction partners can be selected directly and accurately on knowledge, price and quality. Consequently, design work continues even during the realisation process, which motivates Jan. 'Traditionally, the design process is iterative and, after tendering, the technical development proceeds in a linear fashion. The nice thing is that these opposite methods actually come together through our approach.' Jan also likes the fact that he can transfer the designers' enthusiasm to the parties in the construction execution. 'Each party is proud of its contribution in its own way. Because of my background in architecture, I understand both, and can connect the builder and the designer.'

Jan really likes being able to mix his love of architecture with a management role, where he primarily directs quality. In line with cepezed, efficiency and quality are central to this. Jan sees his network of partners growing steadily. LAN Handling technologies, Bouwdeel D(emontabel), andArsenaalDelft are some of the projects whose realisation cepezedbouwteam supervised.